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Health For All by 2000 AD

1978-Joint conference of WHO & UNICEF at Alma-Ata declared this Oath with the objective of rendering all people Socially active and Economically productive. Definition : Attainment by all people of the world by 2000 A.D. of a level of Health that will enable them to lead a socially active and economically productive life. The main tool of the translation of this concept is through the Primary Health Care System. Health for All arouses a movement of Health towards which every man be inclined and after which every man hankers.

Director’s Message

Dr. Bhupinder Singh Bains Director

I feel the Paramedical Education is the education of service to humanity. This service can replace sadness into happiness, disease into cheerfulness and pain into pleasure of human beings. The Institute has developed very high technological Methodology for exploring the integrity in theory & practice to provide unique experiences to enhance potentialities to facilitate global mobility. To promote the Para Medical Sciences, the Institute has decided to run different Paramedical Courses. Paramedical is backbone of Medical. This sector has great opportunities of self – employment for every Un-employed youth after completion of Secondary examination. I would like to state that this is the right choice for un-employed youth to attain the respectful business opportunities, the youth has the choice to choose the Para Medical field as per interest. Training programme to Enhance Already Existing Occupational Skills (Continuing Para Medical Education Program - C. P. M. E. P.) The course of the “Regional Institute of Para Medical Technology” Chandigarh practically self- employment and job oriented. The World Health Organisation has also declared the 2000 AD. As the year “ Health for All”

To achieve Excellence in Education & To make education as a tool for social change for the betterment of the society.

India will required 1,72,000 Hospitals, Primary Health Centres etc. for health care of the people by 2000 A.D. to fulfill the Alma- Ata Declaration. It is estimated that country’s population would rise to more than 90 crores by 2000 A.D. The world Health Organisation has also declared the 2000 the year “Health for All”.

To spread education globally in the field of Paramedical,Medicine,Engineering Management and Basic Science using existing resources and Technology.

Job Opportunities

The Diploma- holders of “Diploma in Medical Lab. Technology, Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology, X-Ray & E.C.G. Technology & Diploma in Physiotherapy ” of the Institute of “Regional Institute of Para Medical Technology Chandigarh” will be suitable for appointment. Private Hospitals; Polyclinics and Nursing Homes; Veterinary Hospitals; Primary Health Centres; and Teaching Colleges, Hospitals of other Indian System of Medicine (Homeopathic, Ayurvedic and Unani).Cent Percent Self Financed Self Employment and vocational Pattern Type. Training programme to Enhance Already Existing Occupational Skills (Continuing Para Medical Education Program-C. P. M. E. P.)The course of the “Regional Institute of Para Medical Technology” Chandigarh practically a self- employment and job oriented.


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  • 50,362
  • 2,77,04,236
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  • 73.04 %

• Allopathic Hospital ( DHs 22, SDHs 41, Medical Colleges & Hospitals 3, Dental College & Hospital 2, TB Hospital 2, ESI Hospital 6, Mental Hospital 1)

• Allopathic Dispensaries (Under Rural Deptt. 1186, Urban 148 others 70 )

• Primary Health Centre (427) , Community Health Centre 150

• Ayurvedic & Unani Hospitals (5), Ayurvedic & Unani Dispensaries (507, Health Centres 17)

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